Many Physical Therapists they give out a long list of fancy strength exercises , but most people they do at most 2-3-4 exercises, and that if they are easy to do and remember.

  • I like COMPOUND exercises which work multiple muscles.

  • And SINGLE SIDE exercises to help identify which side is weaker

  • Make sure you are warmed up really really well

  1. Side lying leg lifts/raises

    1. HOW TO , and slowly graduate to Side Plank Side Leg raises

    2. start with what you can, ultimate goal is 3 sets of 30 once a week ... on each side

  2. Walking Lunges ...

    1. HOW TO;

    2. Do them at the end of a run when you are warmed up.

    3. they are hard on the knees so be very careful

    4. Go slow and start with 10 steps, wait 2 days, increase by 3-5 steps. Goal of 3 sets of 30 on each leg

    5. do them on asphalt or gravel, and this will force you to go down very very slowly

  3. Single leg squat ( assisted )

    1. using a chair HOW TO . Or using a door knob . Or using cables at the gym

    2. Use a tall chair first to not stress your knee.

    3. Why? Knee, glutes, hip

  4. Tiptoe squats

    1. they are hard on the knees so make sure you are warmed up

    2. very very good for ankle strength


    1. Hamstring Bridge

    2. Side Plank with Hip Flexion

    3. Bird Dog

    4. Mountain Climber

    5. .

    6. Monster Walk

    7. .

    8. Single leg bridge

    9. Single leg squat

    10. Flamingos

    11. Side stepping

    12. Single limb deadlift

SIDE LEG RAISES ... or as a half plank , or a full plank

WALKING LUNGES preferably on a hard, knobby surface to force you go to slow down and up


TIP TOE SQUATS ... at least 30-45 seconds going down and 30-45 seconds going up