Coaching Details

  • I only coach a handful of people ( usually less than 5) to make sure everybody gets my full attention . I coach because i like to teach and explain things and make sure others do not make the same mistakes i made.

  • Free 30-45min initial consultation to make sure i can help you the way *YOU* want

  • I encourage people to run with me near Boulder/Golden/Nederland

  • "Very" personalized training plan - meaning i take into account your work, your travel, if you have kids, other commitments, family issues, vacations, weather, injuries

For Most That Come To Me ... this is what i would recommend

  • Start on the Help-Me-A-Lot Plan for at least a month , so i can talk to you more and know from which level i should start you.

    • Then if you are self motivated, go on the Standard Coaching plan for a few months to save some $$

  • Help-Me-A-Lot Plan for at least 4-5 months before your big race when you need more guidance, have more questions

  • Help-Me-1-on-1 Plan for at least 2 months before your race for advance 1-on-1 sessions

  • Some people might alternate between Help-Me-A-Lot and Help-Me-1-on-1 ( depending on what other races you have)

  • If you want me to pace/race with you , please do tell me many months in advance since i can only do this 2-3 times a year

Plan#1 - Standard Coaching

  1. For self motivated people with a predictable personal schedule

  2. Online schedule every 11-13 days ( to cover two adjacent weekends ).

  3. When i give you a new schedule we talk/email for maybe 30min to agree on the schedule and make sure it is clear

  4. I will also write up a long term general racing and training plan which i will update every 2 months

Plan#2 - Help Me A Lot

  1. For people with lots of questions and whose schedule is highly variable where i need to adjust the schedule frequently

    1. eg you have an injury, you try to juggle kids, vacations, work , travel, family

  2. Same as Standard *PLUS*

    1. schedule updated every 6-7days ( before and/or after each weekend )

    2. we talk/email for maybe 30min weekly to agree on the schedule and make sure it is clear

    3. option for group runs together in the Boulder/Golden area. I could tell you when i am doing my medium and long runs and we can find a way for you to join me.

    4. Bi-Weekly diet monitoring on MyFitnessPal ( see details below )

Plan#3 - Help Me 1-on-1

  1. Same as Help Me A Lot *PLUS*

    1. 5hrs of 1-on-1 whatever help you need with

    2. twice a week diet monitoring. ( see details below )

    3. gear, clothing, food/fuel recommendations

  2. Examples of 1-on-1 sessions that i have done in the past

    • 1-4 hours of race pace. Analyzing the uphills , downs, your skill, cutoff times, weather, aid stations, setting up your watch

    • Running with poles ... uphill and downhill ( 2-4 hours)

    • Running downhill ( several sessions of 2-4 hrs )

    • 1-2 hours of testing your lights and the best light system ( some people run with hand helds or poles, of waist lights )

    • 1-3 hrs about food and nutrition

    • One session on drop bags ( this usually could take 1 hr of 5-6-7 hours if i go with you to get supplies )

    • General Race strategy ( what to do , eat, poop the week before the race; pace, heart rate, fueling, hydration, drop bags )

    • clothing in your pack and drop bags

    • shoes, socks, taping feet, Vaseline, blisters, calluses

    • race pack and what to carry ( i people with a pack with 2 puffies when they only needed one hand held water bottle )

  1. Additional hours at $20 an hour . That is why it is probably better to be on the Help-Me-1on-1 plan for 2-3 months rather than you needing additional hours .

Plan#4 - Pace Me

  1. I think it is super important to have one single pacer, not multiple pacers. Because one pacer can track what you eat , your peep and poop, salt intake, how often you pee, can look at you to see how tired your are, if you are carrying too much useless stuff in your pack . If i am there, i am happy to crew you during normal daytime hours ( remember i will not be sleeping for 30-36 hrs ).

  2. I can help race/pace you for races close to Denver like Bighorn, Leadville, Run Rabbit Run, Hardrock ( but i am open to go further ). This has proven *extremely* valuable for a every single person i helped , but we need to plan this far in advance. This is on a case by case bases since i cannot do this too often during the year.

  3. It s hard to run 50mi too often , with people i coach because running 50 miles takes a lot out of me ( recovery, lack of sleep while i pace you overnight, it blocks my schedule so i cannot do other races with other people ). Plus i have my own races. So i usually only run 2 maybe 3 races with the people i coach. If you are interested in this , please tell me as early as you can .

  4. It is hard to find a fair way to "charge" for something like this because ... as an example ... i will miss a Fri/Mon at work. I am awake Sat and then Sat to Sun night. Probably will get home only Monday. Long sleep recovery. The fact that i will not sleep that Saturday and then Saturday to Sunday to pace you 50 miles

  5. For now i decided to help people at races

    1. if you were on Plan#2 for 4 months and Plan#3 for 2 mo before the race.

    2. if the race is within driving distance of Boulder,CO i'll charge the "cost of your race" plus gas money . For races further away like Western States , let's talk about it.

    3. You need to be on the Help-Me-1on-1 plan for at least 2 months before the race and the Help-Me-A-Lot for 3 months. What is the point of me racing/pacing you if you cannot run downhill ( and we haven't practiced it together). Or your drop bags are not well done? Or your race strategy means running fast in the beginning and then crashing when you get to meet me?

  6. I ask for people to commit to this, many months in advance mostly to be fair to other people that need my services and to allow me to schedule my life, plan for the travel , plan to train myself to run/race with you. The downside of this is that you or i could get injured or either of us could not be able to run/race. This is a risk we always take with any race.

Diet Monitoring

    1. First i must tell you i am not a registered dietitian

    2. Diet monitoring means i can keep you accountable for what you want to eat, and how much.

      1. for example some people want to eat more protein. Or more protein after a run.

      2. Or others want a 33/33/33 ratio of carbs/protein/fat

      3. Or no sugar, icecream, cookies

    3. From my personal experience ( i had several Diet Coaches) this is *extremely* useful

    4. The cavia here is that if we both decide on what and how you will eat ( eg certain nr of calories and protein/fat/carbs). And you do not follow the "diet schedule", for each day you do , you will have to pay an extra $1 ( within 48hrs )

For all the plans

  1. If we agree on a schedule ( for the next week or two), then for each missed training session you will have to pay an extra $1, then $2 when you miss the 2nd training session and so on. This is mostly so we can easily keep track of how consistent you are. Obviously there are exception like ... you get injured and you have to take a week off, or emergencies...

  2. You will have to update an online Google Excel with your training ( even if you upload it to Strava or Garmin ). Doing this manually provides a very important feedback loop. And it lets both of us see your progress for several months, in one simple screen

  3. Things happen, You can get injured. I can get injured. You can move. I can move. Either of us can change jobs. So i usually ask people to commit to the Plan#4-Pace-Me , 6-9 months in advance so we can "lock" our schedules. Based on that i will register for my own races that fit AROUND your race. I will not accept people to pace them for the same race I am pacing you. Thoughts ?