Boutique 1-on-1 coaching for people with special requirements or injuries; "interesting" goals; and especially people with outrageous goals that need a coach to pace them at races.

  • Are you looking for a supportive, fun, patient coach that can provide instant and personalized feedback by running, hiking or pacing you at races?

  • Do you need an experienced coach that had been there and done that with injuries, nutrition ... long & shorter distances ?

  • I love to teach, I love to coach, I love to find the root cause of each issue, find a solution and explain it back. Let me fine-tune your training . Email me at and let's see how I can help.


  • My passion is to help people with special requirements or injuries, with "interesting" goals, and especially people that have outrageous goals and need a coach to pace them at races.

  • Experienced trail runners who want to try ultra-running (50K to 100 or 200 miles )

  • Injury-prone runners who want to safely increase their distances

  • Moms and people running with a Baby Jogger

  • Walkers and Race Walking


  1. I offer coaching for everyone, not just good experienced trail runners

  2. I will coach only 3-4 people a month so you will get more attention.

  3. You will get more time on the phone with me to ask me questions ( rather than emails).

  4. If you are local , I will do my best to run with you to answer questions, look at your form, at how you run, at your pose, how you use the hiking poles, and so on.

  5. I am willing to pace you or run a whole race with you. This is super important

  6. I have been slow, chubby, injured, had problems with knees, back, hip. So I can understand many of the issues you are going through


  • Lydiard Level 2 Certified Running Coach

  • Level 1 RRCA Coach (Road Runners Club of America)

  • Lydiard Level 1 Coach

  • Organized and attended the Colorado USATF Level 1 Running Coach training

  • Spinning Instructor

  • Colorado Dept of Ed full Teaching License ( w/ background check )

  • Wilderness First Aid

  • CPR certification with AED

  • Colorado Mountain Club trip leader for D-level hikes

  • past Appalachian Mountain Club Hike and Class 2 White Water leader

2019 RATES

#1- Standard - $100 with disc. Biweekly schedule; 45min consult/emails @ 10-14days

#2 - Help-Me-A Lot - $150 w/disc. You need extra motivation or you have a variable schedule

#3 - Help Me 1-on-1 - $200 w/disc. +5hrs of in depth 1-on-1 discussions and practice

#4 - Race/Pace Me

    • see Plans Details

    • $50 off/discounts: $25 if you commit to +3mo & $25 off if you automate the payment


  • A doctors notice or a signed affidavit from you , that you are fit to exercise. Best and what i super strongly recommend regardless of age or fitness is a stress EKG test

  • Since we can only improve what is measured, you will need a GPS phone/watch/tracker to log all your runs. Any phone in Airplane mode lasts for 10-12hrs on Strava

  • For advanced runners, an HR monitor is strongly encouraged


  1. My Ultrasignup Results link , here

  2. Hardrock 100

  3. 4 times Badwater 146 Self Supported and Self Contained ... i did pretty well :-)

  4. Western States 100 in 25.5 hrs ( half the race I had IT band issues. Previous WS100 i dropped at mile 92 )

  5. Arrowhead 135 ( 5 tries, medical issues stopped me from finishing but I am working on it :-)

  6. 3h10min road marathon

  7. Marathon Des Sable ( multi day staged in the Sahara desert )

  8. A few multi day Adventure Races

  9. 24 hour track races and 24hr orienteering races

  10. Multi day track races

  11. Ultra distance cycling

  12. Ultra iron distance triathlons ( double iron distance triathlon )

  13. 2019:: 25th Solo/45th overall ANgeles Crest 100

  14. 2018:: 35th in 29hr20 ar Run Rabbit Run 107mi

  15. 2017 :: 4th overall in 25h30min :: Ancient Oaks 100mi

  16. 2016 :: 9th overall :: Dead Horse 50mi

  17. 2016 :: 22h46min :: Javelina Jundred 100

  18. 2016 :: 7th overall :: Silverheels 100mi

  19. 2015 :: 17th overall :; Quadrock 50mi

  20. 2013 :: 4th overall :: Wapack 40mi

  21. 2012 :: 20th overall :: Brazil 135 mi

  22. 2010 :: 2nd overall :: Palo Duro 50 miler

  23. numerous 100mile races ( Vermont 100, Cascade Crest, Wasatch, Bandera, Rocky Racoon, Bighorn, Fat Dog 120, Bear 100, Pinhoti 100, Run Rabbit Run 100 and a few others )